Wireless Lighting Control System for Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital


Located in the Liverpool suburb of Broadgreen, Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital is a renowned medical facility that specialises in the treatment of heart and lung disease.


One of the main challenges of the project focused around the design of the outpatient’s department which features three separate hallways intersecting to form a crossroads leading to the hospital waiting room. The difficulty here was that the lighting in each of the hallways was run on individual circuits. The consultant on the project wanted to address this by running them on the same circuit, since this would allow them to be switched on and off simultaneously, whichever entrance was used.


CP's wireless PIR presence detector, EBDSPIR-AT,  were used as a means of reducing the amount of wiring needed on the project. Given that labour accounts for a sizeable portion of the cost on any project, any measure which enables a faster and easier installation can have a real impact. In addition, the DA-SG-4PM-W DALI dimmer switch and Vitesse Modular™ are also being used in the reception to control the linear light fittings in the waiting area, which can be activated manually or configured to a specific pre-set scene. This meant that users can activate the chosen scene without having to dim up and down. In either case, the plug and play design of the solutions specified proved decisive in ensuring a smoother installation, at a reduced cost.


The Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital currently has a catchment area of 2.8 million people, and offer many services including heart surgery, cardiology and clinical and community services for their patients.