Standalone presence detectors halve Brewery's warehouse's energy usage

The Brief:

The Volfas Engelman brewery is steeped in history and its roots date back to the mid-19th century. Situated in Kaunas, the second-largest city in Lithuania, Volfas Engelman is the second-largest brewery in Lithuania and manufactures, among other things, varieties of beers, ciders, energy drinks and alcoholic cocktails.

To help with the refurbishment of its premises including the factory, packaging area and general warehouse, the brewery approached ECOLIGHT, a Lithuanian lighting company and OEM partner of CP Electronics.

ECOLIGHT chose to use CP Electronics’ products after successful partnerships on other projects. Martin Allcock of CP Electronics explains: “We’ve worked with ECOLIGHT since 2015 when they began to regularly sell our detectors. Many of their customers have praised the technical quality of the products.”

The project ran from mid-2017 and completed in April 2018.

Our Insight:

“We needed to provide a solution that would cope with the varying levels of height within in the buildings and that would allow for complete lighting control in all areas, even when they are not in use.

“ECOLIGHT were replacing over 360 old 2 x 58W fluorescent luminaires with their 65W LED luminaires so we had to consider the most effective way to provide lighting coverage.”

Our Solution:

“Rather than fitting one PIR per luminaire, we recommended using one PIR per group of 3-4 luminaires. This would mean that the installation could be done more quickly and more cost effectively while providing excellent lighting coverage.

“We used sensors from the EBDHS-MB range which are ideal for high-bay, high-level lighting control in warehouses and factories and can easily be retrofitted to luminaires.

“To accommodate the varying installation heights, we recommended EBMPIR-MB-DD sensors for the low-level areas up to 7 metres and EBDHS-MB-DD sensors for heights of up to 20 metres. These side-mounting PIR presence detectors are specifically designed for mounting onto batten or box style industrial luminaires via the 20mm knock-out and are rated at IP65.”

The Result:

Tomas Pukas, Managing Director of ECOLIGHT, explains how successful the project was: “After our installation, Volfas reported a significant light level improvement in all premises, while power consumption had decreased by approximately 50%.

“Using CP’s detectors gave another 20-30% energy saving on top of this 50%, depending on the activities taking place at the time. This resulted in a huge cost saving for the business and they were very impressed with the work that was done.”

Martin Allcock added. “The main products they have been using of ours are the EBMPIR-MB and EBDHS-MB detectors as these are flexible and easily retrofitted. We’re overjoyed to hear that Volfas are happy with the end result, particularly the cost saving element.”