Standalone presence detector lighting control for Unity Hall business and event space

The Brief:

To reduce as far as possible energy wastage from lighting and other applications which are powered-up but unused.

Our Insight:

The building's new design provides a combination of performance, conference and event space with associated hospitality areas, a café-bar that is open to the public and a range of flexible working/ office space with all modern amenities.

Our Solution:

Three CP products were used in this project: the MWS3A-PRM and MWS6-PRM, as well as the EBDSPIR-PRM. All of these can turn lights on when a room is occupied and off when it is empty. Furthermore, all devices allow the user to customise settings to their own requirements, and can be programmed to respond to levels of ambient light.

The Result:

A mainstay of Wakefield's social, cultural and political life since 1904, Unity Hall is a building close to the hearts of local residents. Over the years it hosted everything from ballroom dancing, silent films and wrestling to political meetings and punk rock concerts.