RAPID, Vitesse Plus, Vitesse Modular, An-10 & standalone in office lighting control

The Brief:

Aurora is a 95,531 sq. ft office building made up of predominantly glass. The seven-floor building offers a mix of space that includes; offices, stairwells, corridors, bathrooms and double height reception. CMB Engineering, a mechanical and electrical contractor, approached CP Electronics for specialist support to design, specify and install energy control solutions to meet high energy standards and future-proof the building.

Our Insight:

This project involved a wide and varied range of spaces within its seven floors which required considerable planning. Because of this, any lighting control solutions for this project had to be flexible. Alongside CMB Engineering, to make this project work, a wide range of technologies was used.

Our Solution:

Office Lighting Control Solution

When looking at the ideal office lighting control solution for this office area, our solution involved the use of a combination of PIR detectors paired with the Vitesse Plus 7 module, controlling six to nine luminaires. This solution ensured the building would benefit from great energy savings, by allowing lights to turn on automatically only when the space was in use. To add further energy savings, the detectors had an in built daylight dimming technology, that dimmed two rows of lights nearest to the window when the right level of natural daylight was detected.

Storeroom and Toilet Lighting Control Solution

As part of the wider installation, our Vitesse Modular and PIRs were installed in the storerooms and toilets while our long-range microwave detectors with a detection range of up to 20m were provided for the corridors and lift lobbies.

Atrium, Reception and Stairwell Lighting Control Solution

In the atrium and reception areas, the fully addressable RAPID system offered a variety of features, which includes creating ambient moods using multiple scene settings. Lastly, the AN-10 wireless system was used in the stairwells, thereby ensuring lights can only be activated on individual floors.

The Result:

This project was completed in just ten months after the installation started. Glyn Luffman, Contractor for CMB Engineering, stated “Three factors really contributed to the success and cost-effectiveness of this project. The sheer choice of products meant we could mix and match to get the right approach.”

“The Vitesse Plus 7 system was especially impressive. As a standalone system with no network cabling, we could commission the system quickly ourselves, thanks to a programmable handset, plus the support we had throughout from CP Electronics was excellent.”

Aurora, with the help of this installation, was able to achieve an outstanding rating from BREEAM – the first building outside of London to be given this honour. The whole building is also designed to a LEED Gold Standard.