Maxim 10 gets Vitesse Modular lighting connection system and standalone detectors

The Brief:

Located in Eurocentral, Scotland, Maxim 10 provides 60,000m2 metres of office space over several floors. As part of the Maxim Office Park complex, this build comprises of meeting rooms, corridors, open plan offices and storage spaces.

The ground floor alone has a capacity of over 200 workstations, which are divided into smaller groups of 4, 6, 10 and 12 workstations. To ensure the building is energy efficient, a lighting control system is installed to automatically control the lights to come on only when presence is detected and then turn off when the room is empty.

Our Insight:

The project required a solution that was flexible enough to meet changing needs and yet be safe, comfortable and energy efficient. A further challenge was to ensure the solution was suited for the open plan areas with varying workstation sizes, therefore the selected PIRs needed to have the right detection range to make the installation effective.

Brian Hedley, Area Sales Manager of CP Electronics said, “This was a challenging project. The building was due to be handed over in just 12 months’ time, so the clock was ticking.”

Our Solution:

The Vitesse Modular lighting control system was a perfect choice to meet the above requirements. The system enabled all lighting needs to be met with a simplistic plug and play solution, with the combination of it’s 2-way and 4-way starter module.

Open plan Office lighting control solutions

In the larger areas of the building, mid-range PIRs were installed, offering 16m by 6m coverage. Meanwhile, in smaller spaces, our standard PIR was used, with a detection pattern of 7m and programmed to timeout after 20 minutes. Both offered maximum detection alongside the optimal cost while keeping the energy usage to a minimum.

The Result:

The use of the selected products, combined with the pre-programmed handset, allowed CP to complete its share of the project in just nine months. With each floor similar in layout, CP Electronics only needed to commission the ground floor, allowing AKD to commission the rest of the floors with a simple push of a button using CP Electronics’ pre-programmed handset. This meant the project was completed in good time to meet its deadline. The flexibility of the Vitesse modular systems and the combined use of PIRs with varying ranges of detection allowed a safe, comfortable and energy efficient solution for the various spaces.

“From start to finish it’s been pretty much a seamless and trouble-free project,” explains Keith Groom, Managing Director at AKD. “I’ve been impressed again with the simplicity of everything – including the product selection and ease of installation. Most importantly the end client is suitably impressed with the ease of operation and pleased with the knowledge that the building is as energy efficient as possible”.