FDP-301SR helps keep cyclists safe in Mechelen, Belgium

The Brief:

When Mechelen and Bonheiden’s local authority needed a smart outdoor lighting solution, they turned to Fluvius, one of Belgium’s largest network operators and installers, for assistance with the scheme. Fluvius, in turn, partnered with smart city systems OEM Tvilight to create a smart lighting solution that delivered the right light at the right time, as well as balancing energy usage without any compromise to the public’s visual comfort or welfare.

Our Insight:

The new scheme utilises a motion-sensor based smart lighting on the two kilometre long N15 route from the municipality of Bonheiden to Mechelen, a very popular evening route for young people visiting the town. CP’s FDP-301SR motion sensor when combined with Tvilight’s intelligent lighting controller and software, enabled a sophisticated illumination on demand.

Our Solution:

CP’s FDP-301SR sensor works with intelligent drivers utilising the SR protocol and, by connecting to an intelligent SR driver, the FDP sensor does not need its own power supply which, in turn reduces on costs and space usage inside the fixture.  The sensor is easily programmed via Bluetooth using the Legrand Sensor Configuration app for standalone use but, when used in multimaster mode, the sensor can provide occupancy information to third party fixture integrated nodes for full 'Smart City' network integration. The FDP is made compatible with a Zhaga Book 18 compliant push-and-twist lock interface and, with its L7 lens configuration, offers a 30 metre diameter detection area at 12 metres high, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. 

The Result:

The installation is a one-of-a-kind movement based smart lighting scheme in the country which also focuses on ‘self-learning and intelligent’ illumination that is-based on predictions of traffic activities taken from historical data and data from the event calendar.  The installation is already providing significant energy savings, reduced light pollution and lower CO2 emissions.   

Chintan Shah, CEO and Founder of Tvilight commented “We are delighted to have worked with Fluvius and CP Electronics on this prestigious project. Tvilight’s Skylite Prime Zhaga controller works seamlessly with CP’s FDP-301 to deliver a true light-on-demand energy saving solution for towns, cities and industrial use”.