Bournemouth Leisure Complex uses standalone detectors and RAPID lighting control

The Brief:

Bh2 is Bournemouth’s new leisure complex featuring restaurants, shops, a 10-screen Odeon cinema and parking for 175 cars. The £50m redevelopment project took place on the site of the old bus station and NCP car park breathing new life into Bournemouth centre.

CP Electronics were asked to work with the main Building Services Contractor, Accolade Building Services, for this challenging building design.

Our Insight:

“Because the design of the building was complex, we had to work closely with Accolade to plan how the lighting control system would be integrated within the parameters of the building specifications. In some areas of the new building, cables could not be installed from one corridor to another and so we had to plan a detailed layout of the building to ensure the lighting could be installed within the maximum cable distance allowed.”

Our Solution:

“We recommended our RAPID fully addressable lighting control system because it was the best fit for the building and its demanding and varied control specification without being costly or complex to use.

“To cover the main public and back-of-house areas we supplied microwave presence detectors designed specifically for open areas and corridors. They detect the slightest movement in the detection zone and activate the lighting accordingly, preventing energy wastage.

“The presence detectors are connected to the RAPID relay modules which connect to a head end PC. This enables building managers to switch individual groups of luminaires on and off, as required, saving energy and time.

“We also supplied various external feature lighting.”

The Result:

“It was important that we could meet the demands of the building’s complex design and help to create a modern and vibrant space that would attract visitors to the area and the leisure complex.

“The building owners and managers wanted to ensure that they had modern and effective lighting control systems installed within the building to help them save energy, and our state-of-the-art modular technology has helped them to do that.”