New controller is a breath of fresh air for air conditioning

CP Electronics has launched a new PIR – a surface mounted controller that provides auto on/auto off switching of infrared controlled air conditioning (AC) units.

Battery powered, easy to install and adjustable via a simple push button operation, the intelligent PIR learns the infrared code of an AC unit, overrides the on/off commands and regulates the use based on room occupancy. As a result, significant energy savings can be achieved.

The GESM-AC is compatible with the majority of infrared controlled air conditioning units. It is also capable of going into sleep mode and waking up on detection, to save battery life. The timeout period can be set, making installation and set-up simple.

Suitable for any room that has an AC unit in place, the AC controller is ideal for healthcare applications, classrooms and small meeting rooms; where air conditioning is not always turned off when occupants leave a room. It is also well suited to countries with hot climates where air conditioning is commonly used within buildings.

John Mercer, Senior Product Manager for CP Electronics commented: “The main benefit of implementing energy controls is that energy is not wasted, such as when air conditioning units are left on when occupants leave a room.

“By integrating our energy controls with AC units, even greater energy and cost savings can be realised, giving building owners, occupants, and facilities managers one less thing to think about.”

The new GESM-AC is part of CP Electronics’ established green-i range of products, an off-the-shelf solution for greater energy efficiency.