CP Electronics lights the way for Bronte Girls’ Academy

CP Electronics, the UK’s leader in energy saving lighting controls, has transformed the Bronte Girls’ Academy in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Working closely with G&H Building Services, the company turned the old Bradford Council Offices into a new 600-pupil academy.

Designated as a ‘free school’, Bronte Girls’ Academy is open to pupils aged between 11 and 16 and is managed by Feversham Education Trust. A range of CP Electronics’ lighting control systems and detectors is used throughout the school, including classrooms, staffrooms, office areas, main hall, sports hall, kitchen and external areas such as parking and entry points.

The transformation of the old building makes the academy one of the most energy efficient and modern schools in the country.

Automated for Efficiency

With automation and efficiency a key requirement of the project, CP’s innovative Vitesse Plus system is used as part of the many new energy saving solutions in the academy. The standalone 7-channel system is installed throughout the classrooms and is connected with daylight-dimming presence detectors to help save energy. The detectors will automatically dim the lights closest to the windows if sufficient natural daylight is available.

Other areas of the school also benefit from CP’s energy saving technology. The academy’s corridors make use of CP’s long-range microwave detectors, and will dim down to a set output, only going back to 100% when movement is detected. Meanwhile, toilets and bathroom lighting are set to switch on or off, based on presence detection; whilst the offices also use dimming technology paired with DALI LED lighting.

Enabling this lighting control is CP’s Vitesse Modular system. The unique benefit of the modular system is its ability to adapt and grow from 4 to 16 way. This gives Bronte Girls’ Academy the flexibility of easily changing the lighting set-up when required.

All under one roof

Bronte Girls’ Academy is also set up for different lighting scenes in communal areas, such as the sports halls and dining areas. Utilising scene setting plates, these areas are programmed with five different lighting set ups that can be adjusted to dim or brighten, depending on the activity taking place.

Neil Blunt, Project Manager for G&H, said “G&H Group has a long-established relationship of working with CP Electronics, thanks to their huge range of lighting controls, technical support and knowledge of lighting. Once again, they have delivered with Bronte Girls’ Academy, enabling us to meet the needs of the school and minimising energy usage.”

Ian Dennon, Area Sales Manager for CP Electronics, said “We are delighted to have had the opportunity to help transform the old Bradford council offices into this outstanding new school. It’s a fantastic new facility, and our controls will go a long way to help keep running costs down for years and years to come.”