Meet Our Management Team

Our management team holds responsibility for the strategic focus of CP Electronics.

It prioritizes the strategic Business Plan to budget within agreed timescales. The team have solid experience in the lighting control industry along with management depth.

Marcus Martin
Marcus Martin

Managing Director

Mark Andrew
Mark Andrew

Sales & Marketing Director

Merlin Milner
Merlin Milner

Director of New Product Development

Paul Chesworth

Northern Region Sales Manager

Peter Peers

Southern Region Sales Manager

Paul Robbins

green-i Divisional Sales Manager

Emily Cooper

Customer Service Manager

Yiannis Peroulis

Service Level Manager

Kevin Jones

OEM / Export Manager

Michael Manghra

Purchasing Manager

Ela Elahendran

Production Manager

Amani Rashid

Accounts Manager

James Morris

Technical Services Manager

Kathryn Ballard

Human Resources Manager

Mike Brooks

Marketing Manager

Mo Mohanaranjan

Quality Manager

Ricardo Diaz

International Sales Manager

Steve Marr

Product Manager