RAPID Technology Guide

RAPID Fully Addressable Lighting Control System

Our most advanced system just became better. RAPID is fully addressable and networkable, combining state-of-the-art technology and modular mechanics, with an easy to use graphical interface. It meets the most demanding lighting control and energy management applications, without the cost and complexity of other systems. RAPID is the complete lighting control solution.

With the help of our system partners, we can provide a full turnkey design and commissioning service.


RAPID can be configured to control rooms, floors or an entire multi-floor building. RAPID control modules are networked together on each floor, whilst multi-floor systems are linked together using RAPID Area Controllers.

Where a building operates an open BMS system such as BACnet, we can interface using our gateway.


RAPID provides a fully addressable scalable system, which can be re-configured to changing requirements.

Remote Monitoring and Configuration

RAPID can be interfaced with a PC and propitiatory software, which allows you to monitor and reconfigure any part of the lighting system. Event calendar functionality provides the ability to schedule lighting control events for specific events, cleaning, re-lamping and emergency testing of lights.

Our proprietary software, in conjunction with DALI EMPRO ballasts, allows remote monitoring and testing of emergency light fittings (optional).

Notional Corridors

RAPID enables the system administrator to create notional corridors of light, keeping working staff safe and secure whilst providing significant energy savings.

Scene Setting and Recall

RAPID allows the user to create and recall desired room lighting levels. Switching between scenes (e.g. meeting room) is easy and convenient with the stylish scene control panel.

Graduated Daylight Linking

In conjunction with RAPID dimming detectors, the system is capable of reducing the light output of luminaires gradually from lighter areas of a room (adjacent to the windows) to darker areas (away from windows).

RAPID saves the maximum amount of energy in a room, whilst retaining comfort levels.

Energy Measurement

Our patented Energy Measurement Technology provides actual energy usage data for all luminaires connected to the system. Energy Measurement allows for comprehensive metering of building wide lighting energy costs. Using a web based reporting suite reportable information is accessible via the front end PC or remotely.

Circadian Lighting Control

Human centric lighting as a function can be achieved from a combination of elements. One contributing element comes from lighting control systems in the form of circadian lighting control.

Circadian Lighting Control is offered as a function based on time events that control the brightness and colour temperature of the light fixtures throughout the day. The system uses the DALI protocol to control the light fixtures.