Modular Wiring Solutions Technology Guide

Hassle-free Modular Wiring Solutions

CP Electronics has been a leading manufacturer of energy saving lighting controls for over 40 years. We understand that market forces within the construction industry present many challenges to designers and installers - none more so in terms of time and cost.

When deadlines are tight and budgets are stretched, we offer a complete pluggable connection solution for your lighting installation, providing quick and easy connection of lighting.

The CP Electronics range of modular wiring products allows any lighting installation to be completed in minimal time using just five key components. These five products are compatible with all of CP Electronics range of Lighting Control Module (LCM) based systems including Vitesse Modular 6, Vitesse Plus and RAPID.

All CP Electronics pluggable products use the industry standard series 166 connector format. This ensures compatibility with the luminaire manufacturer who may supply their luminaires with a connector of this type.

  • Connectors - Our range of connectors are available in both male and female, with black/blue or black/grey coding and with either red or white covers.
  • Luminaire Leads - We provide a full range of luminaire leads. All luminaire connections use the series 166 connector format with a side latch and low profile hood.
  • Ceiling Rose - Our 6 pole ceiling rose can be used when there is a need to take power and a dimming signal from a conduit box. It has significant termination space.
  • Extender Leads - Used for connection between tee modules.
  • Tee Modules - Our 6 pole tee module is used to provide a simple interlinking connection of lighting within fixed wiring installations.
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