How Pre-set Configurations Work

Vitesse Plus

In the past, programming the right configuration for a specific application has required specialist skills. Not any more: the pre-set configurations within the latest Vitesse Plus system are easily accessed by the installer and end user.

Match pre-sets to your application

We have developed a collection of pre-set configuration schematics that can be matched to your requirements. Simply find your application within our online library or our handy booklet, and programme using our handset's intuitive, user-friendly menu. With just a few simple button pushes, your system is set up. Alternatively, you can customise elements individually to achieve your own bespoke configuration.

A sophisticated, 7-channel lighting control system like Vitesse Plus offers a near-infinite choice of configurations, making it fully adaptable to the building space.

Vitesse Plus - Pre-set configurations
CP electronics - Vitesse Plus - Pre-set configurations