D-Mate Technology Guide


Economical scene setting and energy control

D-Mate® provides a cost effective scene setting system with all the benefits of energy saving control. It is fully modular and integrates perfectly with CP Electronics presence detectors and other switching devices such as scene plates - all designed by CP.

Users also benefit from intuitive infrared control handsets which strengthens the overall value offering of D-Mate®.

  • Four independently dimmable ighting circuits for scene setting.
  • Using the professional commissioning handset a further four circuits can be programmed.
  • Presence and absence detection.
  • Maintained illuminance saves energy where natural light is available.
  • No specialist nstallation skills required.
  • Quick installation time saves further costs.
  • Cost-effective networking via two-wire data bus.
D-Mate - Issue 1.0
CP electronics - D-Mate