AR-DN-RS232 An-10 to RS232, DIN rail, interface module

The AR-DN-RS232 is a device that is used as a 2 way gateway between third party systems and the CP Electronics An-10 lighting control system.

It is suitable as the communication interface between Audio Visual systems. Scenes, circuits and levels can be controlled by the third party system by sending simple ASCII messages to the AR-DN-RS232. It can also send messages using the third party system’s protocol.

The unit comprises a radio transceiver for two way communication with an An-10 system and a CAN port for wired communication with other wired An-10 devices.

The device is configured using the UNLCDHS programming handset and the ALC commissioning software in conjunction with an AN-10 RF PC dongle.

Available options:

915MHz variant for Australia & New Zealand add -A2 suffix to product code.

Part codes:
AR-DN-RS232 An-10 to RS232, DIN rail, interface module
  Model Description
UNLCDHS Professional, programming/commissioning LCD handset
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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