GI1DPC No neutral, dimmer switch, back box mounted, wall, PIR, occupancy sensor

A stylish no neutral single channel movement sensor dimmer switch that provides auto on/auto off switching.

The GI1DPC is available with optional silver effect or bronze effect cover plates.

Key features:
  • Digital control
  • Lux level sensing
  • Movement sensing
  • No neutral
  • Adjustable timer
  • Stylish green LED ring
Features accessible with optional GIRC remote control:
  • Four programmable scenes
  • Dimmer fade speed adjustment
  • Security mode
  • Night light mode

Note:- This product requires a minimum load of 60W.
Therefore it may not be suitable for use with low power lighting such as LED.
If you wish to use less than the minimum load specified, please consult the installation guide.

Part codes:

GI1DPC - Key features of Basic Switching detectors include:

GI1DPC Basic switching, no neutral, dimmer switch, wall, back box mounted, PIR, occupancy sensor, 2-channel 10A10A10A1m–30m

INC = Incandescent Lighting, F = Fluorescent Lighting, CFL = Compact Fluorescent Lighting

  Model Description
GIRC green-i, compact, user handset
  Model Description
GIFP Bronze or silver cover plate for selected wall mounted dimmers, scene plates and switches
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

This product forms part of a wide range of devices to enable Energy Efficiency in Buildings – A structured and holistic approach to reducing the carbon footprint and increasing sustainability of businesses.

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