GENB-IR Basic switching, long-range narrow beam, adjustable head, ceiling PIR occupancy sensor

The GENB-IR PIR (passive infrared) narrow beam occupancy sensor employs an adjustable head and is fitted with a curtain style lens for long-range detection. These directional PIRs are ideal for mounting in corridors and low bay applications where a long narrow detection pattern is required.

Visit the Knowledge Hub for more information on how to use corridor lighting control to save energy.

This PIR sensor can be programed post-installation with a handy, user-friendly infrared handset (GEFL-HS - sold separately), making set up fast and tool-free.

Key features:
  • Adjustable head
  • Narrow beam sensor
  • Curtain style lens for longer detection range - ideal for corridor lighting control
  • Programme time delay and lux settings via the infrared handset
  • IP40 rated
  • Ideal for corridor applications
Part codes:

GENB-IR - Key features of Basic Switching detectors include:

GENB-IR Basic switching, adjustable head, narrow beam, long-range, IP40, ceiling, flush mounted, PIR, occupancy sensor 8A4A3A3A8A3A

INC = Incandescent Lighting, F = Fluorescent Lighting, CFL = Compact Fluorescent Lighting, LED = LED Lighting, RH = Resistive Heaters, F&V = Fans and Ventilation Equipment

  Model Description
GEFL-HS Green-i, compact, infrared user handset (for use with GEFL-IR and GENB-IR)
  Model Description
MWS3A-DBB Surface mount back box for MWS3A range
MWS3A-DBB-EXT Surface mount back box extender for MWS3A range
MWS3A-DBB-WBRKT Wall mount bracket for MWS3A range
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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