FDP-301SR-L2 Sensor Ready (SR), Zhaga, IP66, mid level, luminaire mounted, PIR presence detector

The FDP-301SR sensor works with intelligent drivers utilising the SR protocol. By connecting to an intelligent SR driver, the FDP sensor does not need its own power supply which will save the OEM cost and space inside the fixture.

The sensor is easily programmed via Bluetooth using the Legrand app for standalone use. However, when used in multimaster mode, the sensor can provide occupancy information to third party fixture integrated nodes for full 'Smart City' network integration.

The FDP-301SR can be made compatible with a Zhaga Book 18 compliant push-and-twist lock interface.   

The L2 Lens configuration gives a 15 metre diameter detection pattern (max.) at 2.4 metres height and a 24 metre diameter detection pattern (max.) at 4.6 metres height.

Suitable Applications: 
Parking Lots, Pedestrian Street Lighting, Public Parks. 
Not suitable for Roadway Detection

Key features:

  • Signify Sensor Ready compatible
  • Bluetooth programmable
  • Smart city networking 
  • IP66 and IK09
  • Polycarbonate, flame retardant, UV resistant, impact-resistant


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Part codes:
FDP-301SR-L2-TG Sensor Ready (SR), zhaga, IP66, mid level, luminaire mounted, PIR, presence detector, low voltage
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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