EBDSPIR-KNX Compact, flush mounted, ceiling, PIR presence detectors, KNX

EBDSPIR-KNX is a compact PIR detector suitable to be mounted either flush or in a surface mount box. Designed with switch input connectors, the simple to install EBDSPIR-KNX is suitable for narrow ceiling voids and still offers sensitive detection.

The EBDSPIR-KNX detects movement using a PIR detector and turns the load on. When an area is no longer occupied the load will switch off after an adjustable time-out period.

Configuration of devices on the KNX bus is via the standard ETS software application, allowing all aspects of the presence detectors behaviour to be configured and controlled.

Key features:
  • Range up to 7m at 2.8m mounting height
  • Two ELV switch inputs to manually override the dimming levels and / or override the lights on or off
  • KNX programming mode accessible with IR handset and also by using the push switch on the back of the unit
  • Programmable logic block. This allows conditions to be set. For example: send the occupancy telegram only if the switch is pressed and the lux is low
  • Full scene selection functionality selectable via the UHS7 infrared handset e.g. scene, on, off, raise and lower
  • All functionality is fully programmable using the KNX ETS commissioning software
  • 5 year warranty included
  • Manufactured in the UK
KNX ETS Commissioning Software:

Product data files for importing the detector product range into the ETS4 commissioning software database can be downloaded from the User Support Downloads area.

Part codes:
EBDSPIR-KNX KNX, compact, IP40, ceiling, flush mounted, PIR, presence/absence detector
  Model Description
EXD-HSC Extended wiring housing
EBDSPIR-MS Masking shields for EBDSPIR range
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