EBDHS-MB-DNET1 (OEM) DNET1 network, long range, luminaire mounted, high level, PIR presence detector

The EBDHS-MB-DNET1 luminaire mount high bay PIR presence detector and photocell, is designed to be part of a DNET1 network and provides exceptionally sensitive and long range detection.

The detector is ideal for high bay lighting control in areas with demanding spaces and increased mounting heights such as warehouses and factories, and is simple to retrofit to commercial luminaires and basic battens.

Functioning as a presence detector, the unit returns occupancy data to the DNET1 network. The photocell provides a lux level measurement value to the DNET1 network.

Please note that this product is not a multi-master device. It has to be polled by a DALI controller.

Key Features:
  • Best in industry detection range up to 40m at a 15m mounting height
  • Unique lens technology – high sensitivity within the detection range
  • Ideal for high bay applications, including warehouse lighting control
  • Easy to retrofit to commercial luminaires and basic battens
  • IP65 rated therefore suitable in damp and wash-down areas
  • Quick install via M20 gland
  • Adjustable masking shields to allow for precise masking of the detection shape
  • 1000mm cable length
  • Supplied with two masking shields
  • 5 year warranty
Part codes:
EBDHS-MB-DNET1 DNET1 network, IP65, long range, high bay / high level, luminaire mounted, PIR, presence detector
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

This product forms part of a wide range of devices to enable Energy Efficiency in Buildings – A structured and holistic approach to reducing the carbon footprint and increasing sustainability of businesses.

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