EBR-PLG-DALIG64 Modular DALI Pluggable Lighting Control Module (LCM)

The EBR-PLG-DALIG64 is a pluggable RAPID lighting control module (LCM), designed for use in conjunction with certain modular wiring units using the connection of nine way GST format male connectors. It controls 64 addresses of DALI devices these typically being fluorescent or LED lighting.

Key features:
  • Nine way GST format male connectors that offer switch input, DALI and Rapid CAN bus
  • Provides one SELV wall switch input configurable as traditional latching or momentary action
  • Suitable for connecting with our DALI presence detectors that share the same bus connections as that running to the lighting fixtures
Part codes:
EBR-PLG-DALIG64 Pluggable LCM, up to 64 addresses, 1 x switching channel
  Model Description
UNLCDHS Professional, programming/commissioning LCD handset
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

This product forms part of a wide range of devices to enable Energy Efficiency in Buildings – A structured and holistic approach to reducing the carbon footprint and increasing sustainability of businesses.

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