EBR-DIN-DALIG DIN rail DALI lighting control modules

The EBR-DIN-DALIG64 is a RAPID lighting control module designed for controlling 64 addressable DALI devices such as fluorescent or LED lighting ballasts.

The unit incorporates three voltage free relay outputs plus an emergency test relay. This LCM has a total of eight SELV switch inputs. Used in conjunction with our range of DALI presence detectors a single DALI bus can be run to digitally control all the lighting and power the sensors. This saves time and money on additional specialist cables.

It is ideal for chilled beam, continuous run lighting, and core areas.

Key features:
  • DALI bus power supply built-in
  • Any DALI lighting fixtures and detectors can be regrouped
  • Connects and controls DALI emergency lighting for automatic testing and reporting from the RAPID emergency lighting management system
Part codes:
EBR-DIN-DALIG64 DIN rail DALI LCM, up to 64 addresses, 4 x VFC outputs
EBR-HW-DALIG64 Hardwired DALI LCM, up to 64 addresses, 4 x VFC outputs in an enclosure
EBR-HW-DALIG128 Hardwired 2 x DALIG64 LCM, up to 128 addresses, in an enclosure
  Model Description
UNLCDHS Professional, programming/commissioning LCD handset
Energy Efficiency in Buildings

This product forms part of a wide range of devices to enable Energy Efficiency in Buildings – A structured and holistic approach to reducing the carbon footprint and increasing sustainability of businesses.

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