EBR-DIN Area Control Devices

When used in conjunction with the area controller they provide a customisable solution to a system. All devices are delivered pre-wired and mounted in a DIN rail mounting enclosure.

There are 10 Area Controllers made of the following DINrail modules:
  • EBR-DIN-PSU DIN rail Power Supply. The Rapid lighting control system area controller comprises a number of DIN rail mounted control modules powered by one or more 12Vdc 300mA power supply modules with an integral LED that is visible through the front window to indicate that the output voltage is healthy.
  • EBR-DIN-CTRL DIN rail Area Control Module. The EBR-DIN-CTRL module provides the following functions: Bus control Sends status messages; repeats and filters messages between bus segments Interface Provides a six channel interface for time clocks, emergency test switches etc. Three LEDs are visible through the front window to show power on and to indicate bus activity.
  • EBR-DIN-ISOL DIN rail Isolated backbone module. The EBR-DIN-ISOL module is used to connect floors together using a backbone. The module has circuitry to electrically isolate the backbone from the floor. Three LEDs are visible through the front window to show power on and to indicate bus activity.
  • EBR-DIN-TSCH DIN rail Time scheduler and emergency test module. The EBR-DIN-TSCH module is a seven day time scheduler.

RAPID EBR-AC Network Area Controllers are configured by CP Technical Services to the meet the needs of each project. Please contact our technical team for further information.

Part codes:
EBR-DIN-CTRL Bus control and interfacing module
EBR-DIN-ISOL Isolated back bone module
EBR-DIN-TSCH Time scheduler and emergency test module
  Model Description
UNLCDHS Professional, programming/commissioning LCD handset
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