VITM4 Lighting Connection System Switching Modules

Vitesse Modular™ represents the culmination of years of research into how lighting distribution systems are wired and installed. As a result, it addresses all the issues that persist with most of the other systems available.

As its name suggests, Vitesse Modular™ relies on a modular design which means you simply add ‘modules’ as and when they are needed. Packed with innovative features, Vitesse Modular™ is a cost-effective method of providing power and control for lighting installations in industrial, commercial and retail buildings.

The Vitesse Modular system grows and adapts to suit the installation from 4-way to 16-way using the 4-way extender modules. Once Vitesse Modular™ is installed, modules can be added (or removed) depending on future requirements. Also, as there are so few parts, you don’t have to waste space in a warehouse or vehicle with a huge variety of different parts just in case you might need them.

The compact Vitesse Modular™ system is ideal for installation in confined ceiling voids. Unlike other products on the market, Vitesse Modular™ is light and easy to hold in position whilst installing. The Tuffgrid lattice design provides the strength for the lightweight Vitesse Modular™ range.

Available options:

Vitesse Modular™ offers you the choice of switching (VITM4) or dimming (VITM6) to suit your installation.

The VITM4-ATMOD turns the VITM4 lighting connection modules into a radio-controlled lighting control system. See the An-10 lighting control system for more details.


Part codes:
VITM4-S Starter module, switching, 4 pole, 4 outputs
VITM4-S2 Starter module, switching, 4 pole, 2 outputs
VITM4-SL1 Pre-wired, starter module package, switching, 4 pole, 4 outputs, 4 pole ceiling rose and connector, 1m lead
VITM4-E Extender module, switching, 4 pole, 4 outputs
VITM4-SELVMOD SELV module, switching
VITM4-ATMOD PRM switching, Vitesse Modular 4 to An-10, pluggable, interface module 10A10A10A10A

INC = Incandescent Lighting, F = Fluorescent Lighting, CFL = Compact Fluorescent Lighting, LED = LED Lighting

  Model Description
VITM-MCFUSC Marco basket fixing clip
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VITM4-S + VITM4-E Assembly

VITM4-S + VITM4-E Fixing

VITM4-S Fixing

VITM4-S Gland Plate and Power Wiring

VITM4-S Plugging Luminaire and detector leads

VITM4-S Termination of Switch Wiring

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