CPD Seminars

CPD Seminars

Certified by the Construction CPD Certification Service, CP Electronics offer in-depth focused lighting control CPD courses on topics such as stand-alone and fully addressable lighting control solutions.

Key Features

  • Our dedicated team share their industry experience so you gain a competitive edge.
  • Enables your business to adapt positively to changes in your industry.
  • Availability at CP London Head Quarters or in your offices across the UK.
  • Our CPD seminars count towards an individual's CPD requirement and follow best practice guidelines.
  • An overview of Lighting Control Design and Applications

    This seminar covers the importance of lighting control design and application of products. It also includes method of control; standalone; plug and play and network systems.

  • An overview of Fully Addressable Lighting Control Design and Applications

    This seminar provides solid insight into solutions that provide energy efficiency of lighting using networked control systems. It covers types of occupancy control; how to meet the most demanding lighting control application; including DALI broadcast and DALI sub-addressing systems.

  • DALI and Applications

    Schools, offices and domestic applications in today's world all require dimming control for effects and energy reduction, but designing and specifying the correct application is paramount.

    The DALI and Applications CPD focuses on choosing the right application for a DALI installation. CPD concentrates on applications and applying the best design, whilst also covering wiring applications, pluggable, hard wired and modular wiring solutions.

    This CPD also allows the user to understand the differences between DALI Addressable and DALI Broadcast.

  • A specifier’s guide to lighting control products

    This seminar covers a wide range of lighting control solutions, ranging from fixed layout building for end users, through to speculative offices for developers. It also includes DALI and compliance with BREEAM and building regulations.

    Ideal for a wide range of audiences, from install trainees to senior management, this seminar covers the foundations of lighting control design and installation in commercial buildings.

  • Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Buildings - Efficient Energy Distribution; Management & Data Centres

    This seminar covers the Importance of Energy Efficiency; Energy Efficiency Carrot & Stick (Legislation & Incentives); Standardisation (Regulations & Standards); Additional Schemes and Strategies; Solutions For Energy Efficiency In Buildings: Generic Project Examples and Real Life Project Examples.

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