DALI Accessories

CP Electronics have developed a range of DALI accessories for either broadcast or addressable DALI networks.

DALI PIR detector

A compact combined passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor and photocell designed to be part of a DALI network. 7m range at 2.8m

DALI HS PIR detector

A high bay PIR presence designed to be part of a DALI network and provides exceptionally sensitive and long range detection. 40m range at 15m

DALI / DSI dimmer switch

A single channel broadcast controller offering four lighting level presets / scenes.

DALI addressers

Devices for simplifying DALI addressing.

DALI Power Supplies

A range of power supplies for DALI systems.

DALI PIR Detector

DALI PIR Detector

Compact PIR Presence Detector - 7m range at 2.8m

DALI HS PIR Detector

DALI HS PIR Detector

Warehouse Ceiling Mounted PIR Detector - 40m range at 15m