The ALC-PRM-VFC photocell will turn lighting on when the ambient light falls below a preset level. The lighting will then be turned off when the total light level rises above a separate preset level. A adjustable time delay prevents nuisance switching (e.g. dark clouds). The ALC-PRM-VFC can be mounted flush or surface on a ceiling.

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Suitable for the control of lighting
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PRM Switching Detectors
Code Description Load rating at 230VAC Time Delay
    R Inc F CF LED
ALC-PRM-VFC Ceiling mounted photocell with voltage free contact 10A 10A 6A 3A 3A 0m-99m

UHS5Commissioning handset
UNLCDHSProfessional commissioning handset
DBBSurface mount back box
DBB-EXTSurface mount back box extender
EXD-HSCExtended wiring compartment
These products are suitable to control LED lamps

R = Resistive, Ind = Inductive, Inc = Incandescent, F = Fluorescent, CF = Compact Fluorescent
LVH = Low Voltage Halogen, H = Halogen, 2DF = 2D Fluorescent, LED = Light-emitting Diode

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